Life Interrupted – Being BUSY and Still in “Wait” Mode

After a lengthy hiatus from blogging, and even from updating websites, I AM BACK!  I realized as I participated in a workshop about making better use of the new sites, applications, and opportunities on the internet that I hadn’ t even made good use of the older sites and had dropped out of the communication chains I had previously established or in which I had once belonged.  Life interrupted.  I got busy.  I bet you know how that happens, too.  Just so many every day things get in the way…..repairing the car, helping a sick or injured friend, projects or a job to make a living.  And before you (and I) know it, months and maybe even years have gone by!

So, before I start making and posting new videos, offering new classes, getting on Pinterest and MANY more websites, I decided to come back to this blog and share the remaining Listening-to-Spirit Cards – one each week – with explanations of the spiritual concept represented by each card.

Between Life and Death    (Suspended in Time)

Between Life and Death
(Suspended in Time)

This week I am featuring an appropriate card:  Between Life and Death

This card usually refers to being in “wait” mode.  It is about being between activities, being between projects or goals, knowing that something new awaits but not knowing what the something is.  And in this uncertain state, we wait….suspended in time…..for something to show us the way.  For most of us, there is a sense of being in a time warp, with time either standing still, or when looking backward, time went by very quickly.   In this context “death” simply means CHANGE….a new direction.

In the Listening to Spirit Book e-book, which goes with the Listening to Spirit Cards, (Divination Cards used to help access intuition and Divine knowledge) it is presented this way:

This is a transition card. It can be read in several different ways, depending on the issue and whether it is specific to the present or transcends time.  If the issue (and concern) is about the present, it may mean the person is in a time of waiting, a hiatus before some change that is foretold for the future. Sometimes it also means a “letting go” of the past, breaking free of a limiting or constricting situation and getting ready to begin a new phase or set a new direction. If the reading is a Soul Journey reading in which past lives are referenced, this card may be read as a time between lifetimes. Depending on the position of the card, it may also refer to soul contract or spiritual learning without a physical body. Occasionally the Between Life and Death card may indicate the person is just “existing” rather than “living” —that they have not embraced their life. In this case, the card may also mean the person is not present in their own life or is not “being” all they can be.

All of that can be daunting, if you (or I) let it be.  I choose to embrace the transition while being in gratitude that it is now time to move in a new and more fulfilling direction!

The Word “Awesome: Has Matriculated to the Lexicon of Slang

The “Awesome” Rotating Globe at the Vatican in Rome

It has always fascinated me how language changes over time, how words change meaning. You know what I’m talking about…take words like “cool,” “hip,” “bad,” “neat,” or “rad.” Not only slang is affected. Anyone with a computer (and isn’t that just about everyone?) knows a mouse IS NOT a furry little rodent.

 Last week, as I was working on my new book, The Whole PIE Can Be Yours, I had the urge (from that little voice that some writers call their muse and I refer to as my writing guide) to look up words in the dictionary. This wasn’t just about “fact checking,” although that was part of it. I felt compelled to write down the meanings of more than 100 words!

 Since the book I’m writing is about manifesting the world – the reality – you want, all the words were characteristics, attitudes, and feelings that kept me on target, having high energy, and feeling really involved in the process. As I came to the end of the list, I discovered I had left out one of the first words on my list….I had left out the word “awesome.” This was something of a shock, since I love that word and use it all the time. I frequently hear it, too.

 My metaphysical friends say, “the moon was awesome last night.” My musical friends say “that new band at The Corner Bar was truly awesome last night.” My daughter, who designs jewelry, told me, “you have to come see the awesome collection I just finished.” Whenever I used this truly awesome word, whenever I heard it,I thought I knew what was being said.

 So, to my amazement, I found out I had it all wrong! I looked it up in a standard Webster Dictionary and I was aghast. I was astonished. I was astounded! (Notice all the “a” words. I found them in the “a” section on my way to “awe” and “awesome.”) Awesome was listed as “something that strikes one with fear mingled with reverence.” FEAR? What’s up with that?

 I’m not afraid of a rainbow, a set of earrings and necklace, or a new musical sound….OK, maybe some of what passes for music these days IS a bit scary. But really, FEAR?

 Not to be unduly influenced by ONE reference, I went to my office, took down the huge (and largely unused) unabridged Twentieth Century Webster Dictionary printed in 1936. I looked up “awe.” The entry was a bit longer and more detailed but essentially the same: “fear mingled with admiration or reverence; reverential fear; to influence by fear, terror, or respect….”

 I decided, right then and there, the dictionaries have gotten it wrong! I mean, EVERYONE knows “awesome” means “cool, “rad,” terrific, wonderful. I concluded all my friends and I could not possibly be that wrong, so I would include the real definition of awesome in my new book. I’d set the record straight.

 Now I have to digress for just a moment. I bought a new computer a couple of weeks ago. I am still learning how to use it, since it is a Mac and I had been using Windows based operating systems for the past 15 years. I was composing a brochure and needed the thesaurus to insert a synonym. I found it – and the dictionary!

 And that little voice kicked in again, saying “look up the word awesome.” Now I’ve learned to pay strict attention to that little voice, but I couldn’t help wondering why I needed to look it up again. After all, I had used two dictionaries already.

 But I dutifully obeyed. I have an awesome little voice!

 My new dictionary software on my new Mac computer said awesome means “extremely impressive.” It did mention “extremely daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.” The second entry said, “() extremely good, excellent.” And the entry for awe included both fear and wonder: “feelings of reverential respect mixed with fear OR wonder.”

 I knew it! My friends and I were right all along!

 The word “awesome” had graduated to be included in the venerable array of marvelous slang that has become part of everyday English! I can live with that.

I Am…..

It is that time of year when we take stock of where we have been and where we want to go….or what we want to achieve.  You know, the LIST…not the “honey do list” but the “I will do” one…the resolutions that somehow, inevitably, get put off ’til the next year rolls around.  This year I decided to do something different.  I actually decided to DO what I put on the list.  But then I ran into a problem.  If I was actually going to do it, I couldn’t put things on the list that I knew I really wouldn’t do….you know the kind….like lose 20 pounds, go to the gym every day, change the oil in my car every 3 months like the mechanic suggested. So I had to figure out what I REALLY wanted as opposed to what I thought I should want.  This year, being 2012, seemed to have a somewhat more awesome impact.  The question became:  if we are coming to the end of one era and the beginning of a new one, what (or who) do I want to BE in this new age of enlightenment?   So I pulled out old ideas, old programs, old tapes, old workshops….all of which just left me feeling, well, OLD!  I revamped the “tried and true” Vision Board Workshop, added a few bells and whistles, devised new materials to address actually manifesting what is on the “Board” and was still left with…a sense of going through the motions, setting goals, working toward them (even when doing so subconsciously) and waiting for something great to happen. And something great did happen…unexpectedly…..from a source completely off my radar!  I got an e-mail from a friend with a link to a new website.  When I linked to it, I had my answer… It is not what I want, but who I choose to BE going forward in this new year of 2012.  The website, asks people to “acknowledge and share how they shine light in the world.”  It invites anyone to join….and describe their “light” in ONE word.  This one word becomes a powerful “I AM” statement.  And when it is stated with heart-felt conviction, that concept, that way of being, becomes part of everything the person does.  So I am adding this to the Vision Board Workshop…and inviting you, too, to join the I AM……and share your light with the world.  Think how powerful this can be in your own life and in the world as we all acknowledge who we are meant to be as who we ARE. So I AM LIGHT!

Created of the Light – Listening to Spirit Card

This card recognizes the spirituality of man—and the spirituality of the person for whom the cards are being read.  Each of us has energy “not of the light,” (and, indeed, the universe is both light and dark energy).  It is important, therefore, for us to remember the power of the Light—and that this power is ours by virtue of being – just being – created.  This card is both metaphysical and physical in nature.  Each of us IS light.  Science is now able to measure the frequencies of this light, so the heretofore metaphysical truth that man is light is now being proven scientifically.  This card reminds us of this beginning…and the eternal quality of being the essence of  light.

Law of Abundance – Listening to Spirit Card


There is more than enough!
The Law of Abundance is basically a belief that there is plenty….of everything.  The belief in the Law of Abundance draws on a person’s faith that there is a design to all creation, to all life.  Whatever is necessary to sustain life is available.  Whatever is wanted to make life easier or more pleasant is within reach.  Whatever we can imagine, we can have or create.


This Law operates on intent and faith WITHOUT doubt or fear.  (When we fear, in response to the Law of Attraction, we bring to us what we fear.  In this instance, if we fear a lack of something, we experience the scarcity.)



An affirmation of the Law of Abundance might be, “There is and always will be more than enough of everything I need and want.”



Spiritual Awakening – Listening to Spirit Card


There are developmental stages for a person living in physical body.  Examples might be when muscles are strong enough to support the body for walking or there is sufficient coordination to hold a spoon or write.  We also develop emotionally at spiritually as we experience life.


Although the process of spiritual development may by more rapid than the predictable stages of the past, it is useful to look at these typical periods of growth.  There is usually a spiritual questioning at about age 12 and again at about 30.  In the mid 40’s there is a time of seeking greater connection with Self and others.  The late 50’s or early 60’s often herald a time of contemplation, reflection, and connection.


Regardless of age or stage of life, this card usually refers to an increased awareness connecting to Spirit—within themselves and with those not on the earth plane.  It acknowledges being of the Light and being attuned to oneself and to previously unused or dormant psychic gifts.  This card may occasionally appear when a person has turned from darkness toward the Light.




Being the Difference – Listening to Spirit Card


One of the most universal desires of man is to make a difference  – in their workplace, in their family, in their world.  The actuality is:  each of us does make a difference in everything we do.  Since all energy (and all aspects of energy, including each and every person) is interconnected, every action and every thought we have influences and has impact on others.  The “Being the Difference” card is about chosen, directed action for purposeful influence or impact.  Since we ARE making a difference, this card calls attention to that fact, suggesting to the person that they have a choice in how they are making a difference and in what that difference is.






Attaining Higher Vibrations for Divine Knowledge

One day about a month ago, as I was driving to a psychic fair and listening to Susan Boyle sing “Make Me a Channel of Your Peace,” I found myself singing along.  You have to understand….it was a REALLY good thing the windows of the car were closed!  I wouldn’t knowingly inflict that on anyone else.  But I was having a grand time, because the windows WERE closed and I could safely enjoy singing to myself.

Strangely, though, I realized about halfway through the song the second time, I wasn’t actually singing the same words I could clearly hear coming through my speakers.  I continued to enjoy singing along for the duration of the trip, even becoming intrigued with the words being sung in my own voice.

I had a great day at the fair, gave several meaningful readings, and thoroughly enjoyed the high energy of the event all day.  The next day I asked my Guides to give me the words I had been singing….and I share them here with you.

Attaining Higher Vibrations for Divine Knowledge

I ask of the Universe, from the Divine Source of all energies and all life

To make me a channel of  Your truth….

Where there is confusion, let me know clarity…

Where there is negativity, gratitude…

Where there is doubt, faith…

Where there is fear, confidence…

Where there is darkness, only light….

Where there is low vibration, connection to Higher Power.

I ask that I be granted my sincere desire

To reach out with a pure and open heart

To love others with all my soul….

To seek and achieve knowledge of my higher self….

And to be a clear channel to receive and to give Your gift of knowledge

To all those who seek it.

Divine Gift of Knowledge – Listening to Spirit Card


Thought is energy.  As others have thoughts, this energy expands into the universe.  And since linear time is a concept we (man) have created to understand and order our life on earth, our thoughts (and the energy of those thoughts) are not actually bound by this linear construct.




Therefore, we “should” be able to access any and all knowledge at any given time.  Practically, however, we may not 1) be able to move our own thoughts out of the way,  2) have sufficient emotional strength to handle specific information, and 3) have faith and understanding of this ability.



This card refers to the ability each of us has to access this knowledge and to the process by which we access it.   It may be recognizing a person’s psychic or intuitive ability and reminding them to use it.   It may also be acknowledging that the person is using their ability to connect to the energy of “external” thoughts (from other living people, from spirit, or from beings in another realm),  which gives them access to all knowledge.  Just as all life comes from the Divine, the ability to connect to this energy—this knowledge—comes from the Divine.




The Answer

In the past two weeks a certain refrain has been presented to me in various contexts, various situations.  It kept going through my mind, as if it were the answer to some question I had been asking.  The trouble was, I wasn’t aware of asking anything; I didn’t know the question.

But I was being given the answer!  So I focused on that answer:  “It will be known to you.”  At first my attention was captured by what I considered the bizarre, or incorrect grammar.  Then I questioned the apparent ambiguity.  When, finally, I accepted there was no ambiguity and that, indeed, it was exactly what it was intended to be, I just sat with the words in my mind.  I realized I had been given the answer, a spiritual answer…to any question….to every question I sincerely ask with an expectation of getting an answer.

When we listen to spirit, all will be known….the next step, the likeliest outcome, the missing bit of information.  Impatience and fear of not knowing had created an impenatrible energy field that kept me from receiving the answers I had been seeking.  Perhaps they even kept me from asking the questions.  For certain kinds of questions, I had developed, through experience, the faith that 1) I had the answers within, or 2) the Universe would provide the answer when I truly needed it.  But somehow, it had escaped me that this principle Universal Law applied to every question, every concern, every so-called “problem,” without exception.

So the Universe reminded me, “It will be known to you”…..whatever I need or want to know and whatever I need or want to have.

How freeing!  How exciting!  How joyous!

Try it.  Ask the Universe and EXPECT the answer.  Don’t hold back.  Ask without doubt, without reservation, without fear. Leave the details to the Universe.  Without specific details (like time frame, how it will be given, exactly what it looks like) the Universe may answer the question…or need….or desire in unexpected ways.   Ask with sincere expectation that it WILL BE.  And find out what happens.

I welcome your feedback, your stories, and your experiences.